UU Chalice with rainbow circleThe UUFM Celebrates Marriage Equality in Minnesota!

UU Congregations have been celebrating Holy Union Services since the 1970's.

We are a welcoming congregation and warmly invite you to join us for worship at 10:30am Sunday mornings. 

Worship Theme for April: Geography and the Sacred Journey -  Arrival/Mecca/Sacred Place/Eden/Shrine
Worship Services for April 2014


April 6: “Health Care Reform: Are We There Yet?” 

Through his experience as a physician, Dr. Nelson Adamson knows the suffering that a lack of access to affordable health care causes.  Cancer is a difficult enough diagnosis to deal with, but when a patient also has to worry about how their care is going to get paid for, whether or not it will cause bankruptcy, that is really more than a person should have to handle when they're dealing with a difficult diagnosis.  Through personal stories, Dr. Adamson will explain why The Affordable Care Act is a step forward, but not the complete answer.

Dr. Nelson Adamson is an internist and a radiation oncologist and currently practices in Monticello, Minnesota and is a member of Physicians for a National Health Program – Minnesota (PNHP Minnesota), a nonprofit organization that advocates for universal health care, through a single payer reform.

Worship Leader: Rev. Laurie Bushbaum


April 13:  “We Build Temples in our Hearts”

What description of holy space holds together places as diverse at the Ganges River in India, the Wailing Wall in Old Jerusalem and the Vietnam War Memorial?  For every sanctuary, temple, and hermit’s cave, there are millions of children making forts with blankets and drawing runes in the dirt.  For every formal Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim shrine, there are billions of rocks and feathers, photos and letters tucked into private little altars in drawers and shoe boxes. 

Rev. Laurie

Guest musician David Lauth, member of First Universalist Church of Minneapolis.


April 20, Easter:  “Do You Remember?”

This Worship for All Ages, will present Passover and Easter as rituals based on stories and remembering the past, by bringing it alive in the present.  What are the uses of memory in the formation of self and community?  What happens when our memory is lost or changed?

Rev. Laurie and the UUFM Choir, joined by our children


April 27:  “Corporate Personhood and the Restoration of Democarcy”

Robin Monahan was born in Grand Rapids,  Minnesota, and graduated from International Falls High School. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, including a year in Viet Nam, he graduated from the College of St. Scholastica. Robin currently resides in Shoreview, Minnesota. Retired, in 1998, from a 28 year nursing career, he became a stay at home dad and home schooled his son through the fourth grade.

Robin became politically active after January 2010, when the U.S. Supreme Court, in their ruling on the Citizens vs. the Federal Elections Commission, declared “corporations, for the sake of the law, are persons.”

After walking across the United States from May to October 2010, with his brother Laird, to raise people's awareness about the issue of corporate personhood, Robin became a volunteer for Minnesota Move To Amend, helping to organize people in Minnesota to support the need for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment that says that only natural persons have Constitutional rights, and that money is not speech.


Worship Leader:  Jeremiah Myer